Zen Connection

11/16/2016 Unknown 0 Comments

Finding your ॐ Connection through Newsletter Marketing

Kermie photo via pixabay

So  many business owners have little time on their hands while working with clients, facilitating workshops, or writing their next book.

Perhaps your feeling not “techie” enough or you don’t have the time to learn the “techie” stuff to get it done.

I can help you set up your online newsletters, email newsletters, email marketing campaigns, social media marketing and automation. I can help you connect with your audience consistently while giving you time and peace of mind.

Newsletters & Broadcasts

  • Templates created
  • Set up of List/s
  • Weekly/Monthly Newsletters proofed, prepared and sent

Webinars & Events

  • Emails to promote your webinars/events
  • Reminder of webinar/event
  • Follow up emails about replay, products & Services

Products & Services

  • Emails to launch your products & services (online courses, eBook, etc,)
  • Create daily, weekly or monthly emails
  • Follow up message from opt-in, purchases etc.

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