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11/22/2016 Unknown 0 Comments

Sophie Jane Mortimer Producer~Woody Creek Pictures, Comms Director~TreeSisters, Co-Founder~Women's Wellness Circle

Gloria Henry has been an true asset to TreeSisters. She has overseen the creation of our database and played an important role in building our online presence as well as maintaining the daily smooth running of the organization

Clare Dakin Environmental Activist, Social Entrepreneur, Founder of Tree Sisters

Gloria Lynn is steady, dependable, authentic, caring, shows up as best she can, is flexible, generous and lives in integrity. I thoroughly recommend her as part of any working team. She has helped TreeSisters grow and develop, holding many administrative functions.... she worked diligently no matter what was asked of her. We have needed her and she has done us proud. Thank you Gloria.

"I want to acknowledge Gloria’s deep authentic commitment to art and the environment. As a savvy social networker, she advocates for the planet and as a artist she creates from a place of attunement with the Earth and the seasons. She has fabulous graphic art skills and clean layouts!"